Content Services

Email Marketing Campaign

Find followers. Keep them coming!

Making wise decisions, like writing quality content, is an invaluable skill that any successful business owner can attest to. So what better choice than to start doubling your revenue than by starting a successful email campaign? 


This package includes a month-long email campaign. I offer a content "freebie" related to your business for customers to receive when they sign up for the weekly newsletter. The goal is to double your following and revenue by the end of the month. 



Social Media Marketing

I will post here, and there, and everywhere!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, oh my! All this social media stuff can really make someone feel like clicking their heels and going back home to Kansas.


Don't worry! Let me design your ads and post them on the social media platforms that your clients subscribe to. 


The starting rate includes no less than 5 original posts a week on two social media platforms of your choosing. There really is no "one-size fits all" platform, which is why I want to give you the flexibility in choosing what your target audience subscribes to. Post amounts negotiable. 



Website Content & SEO

A picture may say a thousand words, but quality content makes the message clearer.

In order to get the most traffic on your website, you must have an SEO specialist working daily on enhancing the visibility of your site. It's also pertinent that you provide clear, concise and engaging content to keep customers returning to your site and purchasing your products.

This package includes writing original content for your company's website and editing content that's already there. I also spend time researching and learning more about your company to assist your company's growing needs. 






To blog, or not to blog? Shouldn't even be a question. 

What better way to engage an audience than to write advice that is pertinent to the lifestyle and/or personal growth of your clients? Everyone is looking for a sage or a mentor. A blogger is a 21st-century term for a person who wants to share knowledge with people that are just as passionate about reading it. 


This package includes a weekly blog post on any topic related to your business needs. Blog posts will include original graphics and/or purchased graphics (by you.) Quality blog posts are typically 1200-1600 words long and include, but not limited to content such as top ten lists, advice for beginners, how-to guides, and more!



Combo Package

I will post here, and there, and everywhere!

If your company needs more than just one marketing plan, don't fear! I am a small business owner just like you, so I completely understand that the individual plans combined could cost you  $1000 a month. 


I am offering  all my of services as a combination package for a reasonable rate! 




Technical Writing Services 

Because business proposals and power points need a professional touch. 

Sometimes you need someone to fulfill the tedious task of writing business proposals, reports, and manuals for your company. I have the technical writing expertise to help your company get more sales, more information and more organized. 





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