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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

The depths of social media content can be overwhelming for business owners like yourself. The mere thought of blog posting, writing monthly or weekly newsletters, or creating new and engaging social media ads can make you feel exhausted, and you haven't even written anything yet. Perhaps you find yourself often wondering: "How do I promote my business, but not post content that sounds rushed or forced?" You become tired--you may even give up--but without quality content, your business could fall into the abyss of well...nothing.

This is why you need to hire a content writer.

Business owners, like yourself, do not have the time to focus their efforts on content. So, let me explain how I can get you and your company making magic with my methodical and philosophical approach to writing. While it may sound complicated, maybe even a little intimidating, I promise you: I understand your struggle, and I am here to make you feel better.

I always apply what I've learned and continue to learn about the English language in my content. I've been studying it professionally for over fifteen years. I use specialized tools and techniques when I write content for any business based on what I have gleaned over the years of my studies.

Let me tell you about one of the writers whom I admire and aspire to be like when it comes to dissecting and deconstructing the art of writing compelling content.

Roy Peter Clark is one of my favorite writers on writers. He wrote a handy book titled Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer. Clark starts with a clear and concise introduction. It tantalizes and titillates the reader because he isn't pedantic or showy (unlike this sentence--I get it--so keep reading!)

Instead, Clark is right in your face, telling you: if you want to write, then write. Writer's block is a mere scapegoat--an excuse for the professional writer. Does a professional swimmer give up when he has a cramp? Sure, the pain hurts, it may even stop him from swimming for a minute, but once he shakes it off, eats a banana, and drinks some water, it's time for him to start diving back into his work.

However, I understand that you are not an aspiring or professional writer. Instead, you want to run a business, focus on sales and revenue, and probably even manage some employees here and there. Does this sound like you? Keep reading!

If time is of the essence, I understand entirely why you would want to hire someone to write your content for you. This is where I come in: hear me out.

For 30 days, I will share what I have learned from the book Writing Tools and how I can apply it to your business' content needs. Each post starts with an explanation about one of the tools that Clark discusses in his book. Then I will tell you what I have learned from it and how I can apply it to your content needs, no matter what the topic. I share various industry examples in each of the posts.

Feel free to request my services, and I will provide you with a sample newsletter post, blog post, or social media post. So just do this: subscribe to my blog, explain your marketing needs, and email me the url of your website. You will receive a marketing content sample in less than five business days!

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