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Tool #23 Tune Your Voice

Read stories aloud. — Roy Peter Clark

Tune Your Voice

If there is one thing I know without any doubt is the power of stories read aloud. Who we are should come through in what we say. Our real power therein lies an eternal thing when used for the better of humankind. So write. The stories we hold are caged or dead. But the stories we tell are absolute and eternal. Find your voice without searching for it. Find yourself first, and you will find your voice.

—Barbara Day of Right-Handed Writing

Writers Always Tune Their Voices

Roy Peter Clark, in his book Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer, details the quality of voice. Writers must find their voice—which is as comfortable a thing to do is as speaking in a monologue day in and day out. Imagine being inside your mind for the entire day, every day. Writers never rest. Serious writers spend countless hours establishing their craft. And if there is a roadblock, we read. We revise. We curate. We survive by honing in on our work to provide quality customer service in a way, unlike ever before.

Skilled Content Writers & Voice

This elusive work can only come from a skilled content writer. The fortunate part is we know how to chameleon out of our brains to get inside of yours. Any content writer should be able to transcend their voice to ghostwrite for yours. Our job is to help you get what you want to say, said. Our life's work is to master the art of making your life easier. Content writers don't just write. We provide a service to ease the stress of finding your voice. Our job is to find your voice for you, express it in writing, edit it and curate it. Many of us know awesome web developers and graphic designers that shape my words into works of visible art. But very functional art, too.

Advice on How to Tune Your Voice

The past is a fancy way of saying, let's learn and get busy in the present. However, it never hurts to have some advice that will hopefully help you tune your voice or the voice of others when content writing. Roy Peter Clark, of course, imparts this advice:

The End Goal in Mind

Quality writing revolves around the end goal of the writing piece itself. In school, you probably—or at least you should have—learned about different writing styles. Depending on what you hope to get the reader to understand or learn, you write from the end goal. Writing from the end goal means that you decide if you want your reader to be entertained, shocked, informed, convinced, sad, and the list goes on!

Content writers must be conscious of the end goal, especially in the marketing world. What story are you trying to get across? And if it's not a story, it better be something that your audience is interested in or feels they need in their life. Without this mindset, your writing could fall flat.

SEO in All of This

Writers always tune their voices for SEO. Always think about what your audience is searching for and wants when searching your website, Facebook page, and so on...again what is the END GOAL? Need help? I am here for you! Contact me today for a FREE consultation. My end goal is to get you more sales, more money by getting you more traffic to your social media and website! a