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Facts about SEO that you may not know!

Website Loading Time

A one-second delay decreases customer satisfaction by 16%. That’s a lot of unhappy people in one second! 

A one-second delay reduces page views by 11%. That’s a big number for a second of time! 

A one-second delay eats away 7% of the coveted conversion rate.

SEO Keywords

A key element of SEO is keyword optimization. To see real results from your content marketing strategy, you need to do proper research to determine the right keywords. See what people are searching for within your business realm. You want to find keywords that your target audience is typing into the search bar.

Content Readability 

Transition words make a text easier to read and understand. This means more users will stay on your page. As a result, readability is very important for SEO.

Mobile vs. Desktop SEO

With #mobile users, it’s critical that you focus on user intent for SEO. Therefore, optimize page load speed and limit pop-ups. Since there is less screen space on mobile devices, place pertinent information such as business hours and location, in a distinct area. 

Most #desktop users, on the other hand, are looking for added information about a product or service. Therefore, focus your efforts on readable content, SEO keyword placement, and resourceful link-building.



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